ZFE on „Active Recycling 2015“

From the 11 to the 13th of June 2015, we had our high tip buckets and scoops as well as a grappler on display at the 4th Active Recycling event, presented at the exhibition center of Baden-Baden airport.

Tieflöffel ZFE Recycling aktiv

In addition to the use of wear-resistant Hardox material in our grappler, the professional audience, made up mostly of civil engineers and recycling experts, could view our entire line of buckets at our booth. Our guests paid special attention to our new Series 1.0 buckets equipped with Power tilt engines and a bucket body completely finished with HARDOX.
Schwenktieflöffel ZFE Recycling aktiv

ZFE’s new swiveling bucket and the complete aluminum chequer plate from HS-BOX light were featured alongside the proven HS-BOX basic and deluxe buckets at the Active Recycling show. Various fork lift variants and the well-known HS-chute completed our transport and storage exhibit at the event.

Other exhibits were ripping teeth, trench lining scoopers, the proven twig rake and our root remover.