Hinged Grip Bucket

Hinged Grip Bucket for Hydraulic Excavators


For all medium and heavy earthworks or civil engineering applications.

All digging can be done in combination with backfilling and grading.

Front part of the bucket opens and closes using two hydraulic cylinders.

Ideal for grasping and sorting objects such as stones, wood, stumps, demolition waste, brushwood, etc.

Hinged Grip Bucket excavatar

Weight-optimized construction due to the consistent use of Hardox fine grain steel.

All bearing arrangements have lubrication points and connectors.

Available for direct mounting or use in all standard quick change systems.

Use in conjunction with a tilt rotator to open up a whole new range of possibilities and unlock a new level of efficiency for your excavator.


Hinged Grip Bucket

„Made in Germany“

All components are manufactured in Germany, ranging from cutting to final painting.


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