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Regenaration Tieflöffel

Better than new – Buckets, Trench Clearing Buckets…

We refurbish used buckets, ditch clearing buckets, high dump buckets, light materials, clamshell buckets, demolition grapples, and sorting grapples. Whether worn or entirely broken, if it requires our services, whether rearmouring or replacement of complete assemblies – they all deserve a second chance. Our experts have the necessary know how when it comes to working with HARDOX and can apply it at critical stress points to strengthen most products. Regenaration Tieflöffel Heavy DutyRefurbishing these heavy duty buckets with HARDOX improves the reliability and nearly triples the durability of buckets, tearing scoops, swiveling buckets, sorting buckets, standard buckets, drainage buckets, high dump buckets, demolition arms and clamshell buckets. If your tools need a new blade system, you’ve come to the right place.

So that you can have tools that are even more rugged and durable, we can equip your tools with new trapezoidal cutting system, pointed cutting system, bottom side cutting edges and other relevant special attachments, rails, leveling blades and wear strips. Available from HB 400 steel, HB 500 steel, 280 Brinell steel, or HARDOX. We can gladly work with all special tool shapes and sizes.

The same applies if you need a new tooth system. Need Whether standard tooth, HD long tooth, loading teeth or HD loading tooth, columns tooth, a tooth for penetration, rock chipping tooth or double pointed edge. Additionally, if you want to equip your bucket, rock bucket and clamshell bucket, etc. etc. with an ESCO Ultralok tooth system, you’ve come to the right place. The same applies if you want a tooth system that is CAT compatible, bofors UNIZ-Z compatible, or UNI-Z 2000 compatible.
Regenaration Felstieflöffel Heavy Duty

Give your heavy duty buckets a second chance with our refurbishing program. You’ll be happy you made the decision as soon as you see your bucket looking like new again.

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