Mini Backhoe Excavator

Mini Backhoe ExcavatorApplication

The TL1000M can be used anywhere small mini excavators are used, such as in landscaping and on smaller work sites. The bucket is designed specifically for mounting on mini-excavators and is ideal for scooping up, transporting, lifting and dumping medium soils..

Mini Backhoe for Excavator


A low-cut side ensures the TL1000M experiences minimal resistance and reduces the power consumption of the excavator. A bended upper cover plate and an additional inner edge ensure a sturdier construction and easy filling at a lower height. Due to this, our backhoes have a higher tensile strength than the competition.


In order to provide the best possible penetration, the TL1000M is available with cutting or toothed systems of MTG, ESCO, CAT or a customized profile according to individual customer specifications.

Minilöffel MS03 Sim

Mini bucket MS03 Sim. Our careful selection of materials, such as the use of high-strength steel from Sweden for all parts of the bucket subject to the highest stress, and very low manufacturing tolerances makes the TL1000 series mini-bucket extremely robust and guarantees a long service life. Additionally, we utilize Borox surgical stainless steel due to its excellent resistance to wear and tear as well as its resistance to breakage. This is due to the special heat treatment process it goes through, which makes it extremely tough.

Mini-bucket MS03 Simlock

This model has a better level of penetration than the mini-bucket TL1000M while retaining its amazing scooping and dumping abilities. This amazing engineering feat increases the handling capacity of your excavator by more than 10% per liter of diesel.

„Made in Germany“

All components are manufactured in Germany, ranging from cutting to final painting.


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