Quick Change

Hydraulic quick change – Liebherr compatible

Hydraulic universal quick change that is compatible with original models

Available for excavators from 3 to 35 tons.

No conversion of existing equipment is necessary. Excavator can be as deep or high as required.

Backlash-free connection through a hydraulically operated holding claw, with different bore hole gauges available. Load-holding valve and manual safety locking bolt included.

Schnellwechsler hydraulisch Liebherr kompatibel

Hydraulic quick coupler “Volvo System”
For a safe and quick change of your equipment, establish a safe and secure connection between the quick coupler and the tool.

For all applications and is suitable for use with various equipment. Conversion of existing equipment possible, with adapter plates available for self-assembly.

For loaders with an operating weight from 3 to 35 tons.

With a mechanical locking indicator. Fully encapsulated housing for locking cylinders.
Reinforced design for use in the toughest applications.

We supply mechanical and hydraulic quick-change devices compatible with all common system types from many different manufacturers. We are also developing quick couplers that connect machines from different manufacturers.

CAT 930 K SW Made in Germany

All components are manufactured in Germany, ranging from cutting to final painting.

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