ZFE stands for measurable and consistent quality throughout the entire process chain, from flame cut parts to the finished product. A long service life and high load capacity demonstrate our commitment to quality. Before a ripping tooth, trench clearing bucket or a loading bucket are delivered to the customer or put into mass production, they must go through a practicality test.ZFE-quality-neg-rgb.jpgAs an example, the optimized materials we use for our shovels and backhoes have an unbeatable price-performance ratio and light weight, while still offering great benefits to users.

Our modern machinery and the use of high grade steel and components ensures that our employees can meet and exceed quality standards when producing high quantities of products.

ZFE puts a great emphasis on hiring skilled personnel and continually adding more advanced machinery in order to meet and exceed the quality requirements of our customers

ZFE is naturally DIN ISO 9001 certified.