Swiveling Trench Clearing Bucket


Swiveling Trench Clearing BucketVersions

Trench clearing bucket for leveling and clearing work trenches
Cutting widths from 1,500 mm
Bottom side cutting edge and back side cutting edge optional
Also available in a fully rigid design

Tilting buckets


Tilting buckets for all earthworks and civil engineering projects. It is a universal tool.
Cutting widths from 1,600 mm, holding capacity up to 2.8 cubic meters SAE.
Reinforced cutting side.
Base made of HB 400 steel.
Bottom side cutting edge possible


Buckets for all medium and heavy applications.
Cutting widths from 1,200 mm, holding capacity up to 2.0 cubic meters SAE.
Bucket shape with a scooping back side with the base made of HB 500 steel or optionally HB 400 steel.
Reversible bottom butting side or bottom teeth optional.


Made in Germany

All components are manufactured in Germany, ranging from cutting to final painting.


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