GRL1000 Rigid Trench Clearing Bucket

Rigid Trench Clearing Bucket Mini


A trench clearing bucket is required if you have to level a trough, a trench, or clear complex terrain. Even when it comes to making of embankments and shoulders, our GRL1000M trench clearing bucket is ideal. A trench clearing bucket is also ideal for scooping up, transporting, lifting and dumping light soils.

.Trench Clearing BucketRigid Trench Clearing Bucket

Made in Germany

All components are manufactured in Germany, ranging from cutting to final painting.


Example: Trench clearing buckets   Class: 06

Operating weight:   3.7 to 5.0 tons
Version:                   MS03
Cutting width:          1,000 mm
Content SAE:          approximately 0.14m³
Cutting:                   150 x 20 mm
Version:                  Rigid
Features:                Rear side cutting

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