Root slicer

Root slicer

Root slicer – Root King

Tackle the root of the problem:

With our Root King you work more efficiently and cost-effectively:

  • Fast and effective operation. Startingcwith mini-excavators from 3.5 tons up
  • Complete clearing of tree stumps/rootstocks including roots without the use of milling and special machines
  • As no stones, pieces of root, etc. are stirred up and fly through the air during slicing in contrast to milling, you can also work in urban areas without risking injury to people on the sidewalks.
  • The slicer function cuts the roots into firewood-like pieces.
  • Large rootstocks must not be shreddedand disposed of in the landfill
  • When slicing off the rootstocks, the Root King loosens the ground, and planting can be started immediately.
  • Low dead weight. Easy transport and handling
  • Attachment to all standard quickchange systems and excavator sizes
  • No special excavator hydraulics required

Root slicer – Root King in Action:


Made in Germany“

All components are manufactured in Germany, ranging from cutting to final painting.

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