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Since the end of 2013, the heavy equipment accessory manufacturer ZFE has been a member of the HS-Schoch group. A year after consolidation, the company is offering a new range of products. „We don’t want to do necessarily everything differently, but there’s a lot that we can do better“ says Hermann Schoch. „Therefore, we’ve spent the last year developing a new line of products. The experience of ZFE combined with the expertise and resources of the HS-Schoch companies opens up a new realm of possibilities. And we’ve taken advantage of this opportunity”

It started with the mini-bucket series which was first presented to the public at the GalaBau in Nuremberg. Currently, the southern German bucket manufacturer is focusing on compact buckets for smaller excavators.

„The name of the Series 1.0 line was very deliberately chosen. We want to start with a clean slate, and this expresses that perfectly“ explains Hermann Schoch. „This year we will also release new buckets and blade types under the Series 1.0 label. We are currently in the testing phase“

Tiefloeffel Serie 1.0

Series 1.0 Backhoes During the first year of ZFE’s membership in the HS-Schoch group, ZFE engineers developed a wide variety of technical innovations, all of which have been implemented in the Series 1.0 line.

In particular, the new ZFE buckets has better penetration than ever before while maintaining very good scooping and dumping characteristics. Months of development work has increased the handling capacity per liter of diesel by more than 10%.

The low-cut sides of the buckets lower resistance and reduce the excavator’s energy consumption. A bended upper cover plate and additional inner edge lining ensures a stiffer construction and better performance, even at low heights. Due to these design characteristics, the bucket has a higher tensile strength than conventional designs. To ensure optimal penetration, the Series 1.0 line of buckets are available with cutting or tooth systems from MTG, ESCO, CAT or to an individual customer’s specifications.

Baggerloeffel Serie 1.0Series 1.0 Backhoe our careful selection of materials, such as the use of high-strength steel for all stress and impact prone locations as well as the lowest manufacturing tolerances make our new bucket extremely robust and guarantee a strong service life. Additionally, we utilize Borox surgical stainless steel due to its excellent resistance to wear and tear as well as its resistance to breakage. This is due to the special heat treatment process it goes through, which makes it extremely tough.

Hermann Schoch has placed an emphasis on making all ZFE products in Germany. All steps of manufacturing take place in Germany, from metal cutting to final painting.

Our new Series 1.0 compact bucket will be displayed at INTERMAT in Paris. On April 20-25th, ZFE will be located in hall 6, Stand G 03.

HS-Schoch GmbH buys ZFE

v.l. Lothar Fianke, Hermann Schoch, Marcel Schoch

v.l. Lothar Fianke, Hermann Schoch, Marcel Schoch

ZFE GmbH now belongs to the HS-Schoch Group

As part of an effective succession plan, ZFE was integrated into the HS-Schoch Group as of December 02nd, 2013.

At ZFE, we are very happy to have found a competent new owner in the HS-Schoch Group, and will continue to serve our customers with the same high-quality service as before.

By integrating ZFE in the HS-Schoch Group, the high quality standards and extensive product ranges of both companies will be expanded even further. The merging of ZFE into the HS-Schoch Group created numerous synergies in the fields of purchasing, materials management and logistics. You as a customer will benefit from this the most with better quality, service, and prices.

Since 1987, HS-Schoch has developed and produced attachments for excavators such as buckets, blades, and grapples. Staying true to the motto „Quality beats price“, the good price-performance ratio and outstanding quality of our products is unbeatable.


You’ll profit from this too.

So in short – in the future we can offer better and even more wear-resistant products, at even lower prices – otherwise everything will remain the same.


We look forward to working with you.