HARDOX in my body


Hardox In My Body – a sign says it all

Hardox In My Body is the hallmark of better performance. Read more about the Hardox quality guarantee. Products made by Hardox for construction machinery last longer and weigh less so that the payload is increased. Therefore, the sign „Hardox In My Body“ stands for intelligence, performance and economy. Anyone can buy a branded product “Hardox In My Body“ and benefit from it. Not everyone can manufacture such a product. Becoming an accredited manufacturer is reserved only for the best in the business.

HARDOX-Wear plate

Wear plate is the unique combination of uniform and high hardness, high strength and excellent impact energy and ideally suitable for the production of backhoe buckets, trapezoidal buckets, grating buckets, clamshell grabs or demolition grabs and sorting grabs. Since its market launch in 1974, as the world’s first modern wears plate, HARDOX is considered as a leader in this field.


HARDOX-Steel is distinguished by a high consistent quality and a smooth surface finish. Hardox wear plate is the key to optimal wear resistance. In mining, recycling, transportation, and in the fields of quarrying, concrete and cement. The high hardness and wear resistance of HARDOX plate increases the life of your backhoe buckets, rock buckets, swivel buckets and multi-blade grabs considerably.

Regardless of whether there are excavators, wheel loaders, dumper troughs, mining trucks, conveyors, chutes, containers, crushers, shredders, mixers, sieves, demolition tools or barges. HARDOX steel increases the performance and availability of wear-resistant structures.

When it comes to wear protection, HARDOX plate is the right decision. HARDOX wear plate increases the performance and endurance of a demolition stick, crane arm, timber tong, trench lining scooper, dragline shovel, rakes or asphalt cutters ripper tooth, and ripper bucket.

Wear steel of HARDOX protects backhoe buckets, rock buckets, swivel buckets, trench clearing buckets / swivelling, Lattice buckets / rock buckets and trapezoidal buckets against cracks, dents and wear and extends the service life, depending on the operation for multiple times. HARDOX steel increases the wear resistance of tunnel buckets, grabs, clamshell grabs / 2 double-shell type grabs, multi-blade grabs, universal grabs, demolition grabs and sorting grabs. Tunnel Buckets, Demolition grabs, Sorting grabs, backhoe buckets, standard buckets, combo shovels 4 in 1, high dump buckets, side dump buckets, grating shovels and grating buckets protects HARDOX plate from hardest wear from rocks, sand, scrap, minerals, waste and other abrasive materials
Steel of the highest quality

Gitterlöffel-Hardox-ESCOThe combination of pure raw materials, balanced alloying concepts and optimum hardening processes is the basis for the production of the high-quality, wear-resistant fine-grained steel sheet HARDOX. This combination of steadfastness against wear, crack formation and deformations increases the durability and service life of crusher linings, grinding bar rails, beater bars, side wedges, mono-blocks and rotors. Whether grating shovels, clamshell grabs / double shell type grabs, demolition and sorting grabs, tunnel buckets, standard bucket, backhoe buckets or rock buckets, the different degrees of HARDOX hardness, thickness and width optimize the wear protection and the performance of the particular products and machines. With HARDOX wear plate, the lifespan of draglines, trench clearing buckets, rock buckets, grating buckets, demolition grabs and multi-blade grabs is doubled, tripled or even tenfold. HARDOX wear plate is the right way to stop damage of asphalt cutter, ripper tooth, and ripper bucket in advance.

High quality is the guarantee for optimum processing methods

Whether cutting, bending or welding – HARDOX wear plate can be processed excellently due to its versatile features. The higher strength allows simpler and easier structures and thus higher payloads. Whenever it comes to wear plate, the HARDOX wear plate is the right choice. Hardox wear plate is the key to optimum wear resistance for example tunnel buckets, rock buckets, swivelling trench clearing buckets or high dump buckets, clamshell grabs / double shell type grabs, universal grabs and lattice buckets.

Hardox wear plate is used worldwide to fight against the wear successfully in arm extensions,

Felstiefloeffel Tiefloeffel HDbackhoe buckets, rock buckets, grabs, tunnel buckets and swivel buckets etc.                 Hardox shortens the lead times in workshops and lowers production costs. HARDOX plate is impact resistant even at low temperatures. Good welding properties and processing properties facilitate the manufacture and the repair. Higher payload, lower maintenance costs, good availability and a long service life, altogether results into a better overall cost-effectiveness. The wear plate Hardox has been proven reliable in all climate zones and in a wide variety of applications and environments.
HARDOX wear-resistant steel was developed in the early 70s and since then further developed and improved constantly. Wear plate of HARDOX is produced in thicknesses from 3 to 130 mm and with hardness up to 600 HBW.

Original HARDOX is only available by SSAB

HARDOX is the original wear plate. Only the genuine Hardox wear plate has the necessary wear resistance, tear resistance, hardness, toughness and the excellent processing properties. If in doubt, we can determine whether a steel plate is really a Hardox wear plate. Do not hesitate and ask us.          Please get in touch with us and benefit from our experience in mining, recycling, transportation and in the fields of quarrying, concrete and cement. Just call us and tell us about your wear problems. We promise you to find the optimal solution to your wear problems.


•    350 HBW hardness
•    Wear resistant plate with extra high toughness
•    Ideal combination of high impact resistance and high wear resistance
•   Must meet the extremely high demands with regards to the combination of wear resistance and crack resistance especially for very thick and heavy wear parts.


•   400 HBW hardness
•   Very good weldability, notched bar impact work and ductility.
•   Versatile use
•   High toughness


•   450 HBW hardness
•   Unique combination of toughness and hardness.
•   Very good weldability, notched bar impact work and ductility.
•   Versatile use
•   High toughness


•    500 HBW hardness
•   Ideal for applications where sheet has severe exposure to wear by hard minerals and other        abrasive materials
•    Very good weldability, notched bar impact work and ductility.
•    Extremely tough


•    550 HBW hardness
•    Toughness like HARDOX 500.
•    For wear parts with 12 percent manganese steel proportion or sheet with 500 Brinell
•    High cracking resistance despite very high wear resistance


•    600 HBW hardness
•    The hardest wear plate in the world.
•    Excellent for extreme wear applications
•    Unique notched bar impact work
•    Despite these extremely high hardness, this sheet can be processed, welded and cut mechanically.


competes with materials like white cast alloys with high chromium proportion, Ni-Hard and welded wear layers.

HARDOX Extreme

•    Intended for applications in which an extremely high wear resistance is required.
•    HARDOX Extreme can replace costly wear protection products such as hard metal and high chromium alloyed white cast.